Heal Your PTSD by Michele Rosenthal offers easy, step-by-step coping techniques for healing posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Praise for Heal Your PTSD

“In her latest book about the nature and healing of trauma, Michele Rosenthal again provides an interesting and lay-friendly approach to the basic process of healing PTSD. She emphasizes self-help measures that the victim can use to supplement their healing process, thereby emphasizing self-empowerment, a critical but often neglected tool for healing. This is an ideal work-book for the trauma survivor to use in their journey to emotional health.”

Robert Scaer, MD, author of The Trauma Spectrum

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“This is a cheerleading, you-can-do-it kind of book, with step-by-step lifestyle modifications.”

Nancy Szokan, The Washington Post

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“Excellent. One major truth presented in this book [is that] committing to change and recovery is a major step in re-creating the self.”

–from the foreword by Mary Beth Williams, PhD, MCSW, co-author of The PTSD Workbook

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“Recovery from PTSD is finally possible. Heal Your PTSD is not just a book to help you get past your trauma, it will also help you fully heal from it and get over it.”

Mark Goulston, MD, author of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies and Just Listen

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“…Rosenthal shares a wealth of knowledge that could be helpful to anyone in any stage of recovery from PTSD, as well as to professionals looking to broaden their knowledge base and find new treatment techniques.”

Claire Foster, Foreword Reviews

About the book

Your website has been helpful because I found concrete ideas and actions to take to make a difference.

~ Pete

I really appreciate your positive and motivating help in my recovery process. You really do bring HOPE!

~ Denise

My getting the support and info from you has helped me and that’s worth everything to me as I move forward!

~ Molly

I am very thankful for the work you are doing. I found you on YouTube. Your work is a blessing to me. 

~ Chris