Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Running Your Life?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a normal reaction to an abnormal experience. If you’ve survived a trauma and feel you are different than you were before, you’ve come to the right place. After a trauma life can become full of post-traumatic stress as a survivor experiences Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, including nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, rage, emotional numbing, hypervigiliance, hyperarousal, depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and avoidance. 

If these PTSD symptoms describe you or someone you know don’t despair – you’re not alone. While we are each individual in our trauma, we are universal in our PTSD experience. With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder causes ranging from natural disasters to terrorism to war to life-altering illness to domestic, sexual and child abuse, the PTSD survivor crowd is large, diverse, global and always growing. The good news is, a range Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment options exist. PTSD is a disorder, not a disease. Recent research suggests up to 90% of all cases are wholly treatable.

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I struggled with undiagnosed PTSD for 24 years — and then I was diagnosed and went on a healing rampage! Today, I am 100% PTSD-free. This site is designed to educate you about posttraumatic stress, and also: to help you access your PTSD healing potential so that you can learn to cope, manage and strategize your Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery Process.

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