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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment: So Many Options

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment options can be overwhelming! There’s a wide variety of effective choices, including traditional PTSD treatments techniques, alternative PTSD treatment modalities and self-empowered PTSD treatment methods.

ptsd traditional treatmentTraditional PTSD treatment is usually where everyone begins. It is nearly impossible to heal PTSD without some sort of professional support, guidance and interaction. Onsite counseling can be extremely effective in how you learn to push your thoughts forward by the benefit of an outside perspective, plus how you learn to find words to express your experinece, and even learn cognitive behaviors that help you cope with and change the expression of PTSD symptoms. When PTSD occurs you cannot just ‘get over it’, but there are PTSD treatments to help.

posttraumatic stress disorder alternative therapyAlternative PTSD treatments, however, are where many people end up. While traditional PTSD treatment works in the conscious mind, alternative methods often work in the subconscious mind. It is your ‘animal’ mind, driven by emotion, thoughts and memories that causes PTSD symptoms. The conscious mind is only 12% of your brain; the subconscious mind equals 88%. Everything you do is motivated by the part of you not accessible in traditional PTSD treatments.


posttraumatic stress self-empowered healingPTSD treatment practices that help you become more empowered allow you to access your healing potential in deep, strong, brave and imaginative ways. This process of recovery is motivated and directed YOU as you take responsibility for healing, participates in the process, and consciously engage in choosing actions designed to progress recovery. This is the perfect complement to building your strength and courage while using other PTSD treatments.

What’s the bottomline here? When a trauma occurs, you cannot just get over it because it has made an impression in the subconscious that it holds onto. Think of the beach: Your feet leave footprints in the sand. Long after your foot has moved on the sand holds onto the shape your sole left behind. The subconscious mind is like this, too. Long after the trauma is over the subconscious holds on to the impression left behind. Until a wave erases the impression your footprints remain on the beach; the same goes for the impact of trauma in the subconscious mind.

And here’s another pesky fact: the subconscious sees its job as keeping you safe. Put this together with the idea that the impact of trauma remains fresh and you’ve got a really fabulous recipe for virulent and long-lasting symptoms of PTSD. Believing that you are still in danger, the subconscious mind gets to work protecting you by keeping your mind and body in a constant state of alert. Healing means getting the subconscious mind to stand down.

The crux of what a combination of therapies can do lies in combining the synergy of both sides of the mind into a paradigmatic shift so that your perceptions of trauma are reduced to their rightful size and you become free to live not as survivor or victim but as a person with past experiences – just like everyone else.

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