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Michele Rosenthal, PTSD Coach, Founder

PTSD has not yet built a foundation for an in-person support network. But I am — and it doesn’t matter where you live! Sign up today to receive more information about posttraumatic stress disorder telephone support groups.  In addition to receving information about how to participate in these groups that meet via telephone, you’ll also receive a weekly PTSD recovery tip designed to help you access your healing potential more and more each week.

It’s hard to imagine what your experience will be when you finally have people who understand you, plus a personal coach who has overcome PTSD. To begin getting an idea of what could happen for you, listen to what Heal My PTSD Virtual Support Group members have to say…

I thought about what I could share about the support group experience.  I see it as this – As Paul McCartney wrote in the song Blackbird – “spread your broken wings and learn to fly” – we have with PTSD all learned to fly with our broken wings and are clearly here because of our determination and want to live.  The PTSD support group has helped me on the path to heal my wings so I can live a fuller life. Mary

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for us ptsd-ers and what you’ve done for me.  I feel as though I’ve been propelled forward by your suggestions, questions, and advice.  I feel like you’ve given me tools that I didn’t have before the support group and I can continue to work on myself and heal. Donna

Michele, thank you for all your encouragement. It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about my life!!!! Carrie

Do you wish you could talk to people who really understand you and PTSD? Have you looked for PTSD support groups and not been able to find one in your local area?

My family and I had the same problem. When I was diagnosed I looked in my town and county — I even called up to my state capitol looking for some sort of organized support system. What did I find? Zip! Unfortunately, this is all too common.

Wouldn’t your recovery benefit from having a group of people with whom you can connect, communicate and create a solid strategy for your PTSD journey? I can guess from personal experience that the answers to these questions is, “Yes!”

As a PTSD Coach and recovered PTSD survivor I’ve put together a program that includes personal one-on-one coaching in a group environment that offers connection and collaboration with others in the PTSD community. If you’re working towards PTSD treatment and recovery there is a virtual support group for posttraumatic stress disorder that’s just right for you. 

For a small weekly fee we’ll meet (via telephone) to:

  • receive one-on-one certified professional coaching for your personal issues
  • discuss personal experiences
  • share ideas and suggestions for coping and healing
  • feel the understanding of others
  • learn how to apply techniques to manage PTSD symptoms
  • develop a support system
  • empower PTSD recovery
  • de-stress in a nurturing environment
  • access new skills

By signing up for information you’ll receive even more details about the groups and how they work. There’s even a checklist to see if you’d be a good fit for a group. Also, you’ll begin receiving weekly PTSD recovery tips so that whether you join a group or not, you can learn how to strengthen your ability to clarify, verify and strategize your PTSD healing process.

Sign up today to receive more information about posttraumatic stress disorder support.

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