Heal My PTSD Ebooks

Sometimes, you just need a compilation of information to get you focused and on the right track! Whether you’re just beginning your PTSD recovery journey, or need a way to move it forward, these options give you the comfort of hands-on material to end the chaos and get things strategized.

Survivors Guide CoverSurvivor’s Mini-Guide To PTSD. Need to know PTSD facts, stats, causes and details? Want a comprehensive overview of PTSD symptoms and PTSD treatment options? This fully formatted and colorful guide pulls together everything you need to know about PTSD to begin understanding what it is, why it happens, who it affects and what can be done about it. Investment in yourself and your healing: $4.99 Click here for your copy.

Workbook CoverPTSD Recovery Workbook. This workbook was originally designed for members of the Heal My PTSD Support Group. It’s gotten such rave reviews for how it helps survivors focus on the present, imagine the future, and remove obstacles stalling recovery that we’re offering it to you to work through on your own. Investment in yourself and your healing: Just 4.99 Click here for your copy.