PTSD Education

A crash course in posttraumatic stress disorder.

Education is the key to healing.

To begin recapturing the power trauma steals away you must learn all you can about post-traumatic stress, its definition, symptoms, causes and how it applies to you.

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If your life has gotten to a point where you’re feeling overwhelmed by posttraumatic stress and symptoms, stuck, stalled or just plain tired of feeling bad it’s time to think about changing direction.

Sometimes you want a clinical perspective, and sometimes you just want to hear the way it is from a survivor’s point of view. Our podcasts cover a wide spectrum of topics designed to help you turn yourself around and get headed for healing in the right direction.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder facts and statistics are critical: They help your brain wrap around concepts.

Understanding PTSD helps you know who you are today and gives you perspective about what you are attempting to do in recovery. Keeping current on PTSD facts and PTSD statistics keeps you on the cutting edge of awareness.

The brain likes to round, estimate and calculate percentages so that you can understand things. PTSD is a large and diverse group, so if you have it, you’re not alone by a long shot.

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A PTSD definition changes everything.

In 1980 the American Psychiatric Association formally recognized Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a psychological condition. What is PTSD? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV has a nifty little description.

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Survivors define PTSD on their own terms.

It’s one thing to read about PTSD in a text book or diagnostic manual; it’s another to hear what it feels like from people who have experienced, coped with, lived with and wrangled the PTSD beast day to day.

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PTSD symptoms cover a wide range.

First, let’s get the lingo straight. If you’re stressed over an exam, or you don’t like having to deal with your boss, you do nothave PTSD. You’re just stressed; totally different. Actual PTSD symptoms are classified in 3 specific categories.

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Causes of PTSD cover a wide range.

If having to stand online at the grocery store doesn’t give you PTSD, what does? The sad truth: there’s a mighty long list of events that cause us to feel life-threatened and with an utter sense of powerlessness.

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A PTSD self-test can give you a sort of PTSD checklist and see how much what you’re experiencing aligns with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder.

If you think you may have PTSD the thing you most want is to know for sure. The first step toward diagnosis is deciding that your symptoms and experience are PTSD material. For this, it helps to read a comprehensive and condensed PTSD overview, and take a self-test.

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If you’re a PTSD caregiver you need to know: It’s okay if YOU need help, too.

The following resources will provide you with information, education and actions to help you take care of yourself at the same time that you are taking care of your PTSD loved one.

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Trauma organizations really help to flesh out your PTSD education.

The more you know, the more you can chart your healing path. There’s a wide range of associations and organizations plugging away at the PTSD problem.

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Specific PTSD and mental health resources help narrow your research to what specifically speaks to your PTSD experience.

We’ve got you covered: Whether you have PTSD or C-PTSD, Combat PTSD or Post-Partum PTSD there are resources for you to find information, therapists and other survivors in your community.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder help can include a good book or workbook so that you can (at our own pace) discover what PTSD is and how you can proactively work to heal it.

No sweat; with input from survivors worldwide we’ve made a reading list.

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PTSD and the brain are intimately linked.

Do you have trouble remembering things? Do you have trouble finding words to express yourself? Do you have trouble regulating your emotions? PTSD causes changes in brain chemistry and functioning. Read up!

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PTSD can leave you wondering about things.

Do you have to be in the military to have PTSD? Can PTSD be healed? How long will it take? Is there one treatment method that works for everyone? There are several standard PTSD questions that might be running through your mind. We’ve pulled them all together into one tidy space.

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