PTSD Blogs

Many survivors and their supporters are already waging their own awareness campaign by covering, exposing and exploring all aspects of the PTSD experience. Flesh out your own ideas by reading theirs, and build the awareness community by commenting on and keeping up with these fantastic bloggers representing civilian PTSD blogs, Combat PTSD blogs, and also Post-Partum PTSD blogs.

PTSD Bloggers Compilation:

We are proud to report that Heal My PTSD is on the following lists….

blogging-sue-richardsCivilian PTSD Blogs:

A Post-Cynical Seer
Being Brave
Blooming Lotus - Journey to Recovery from Childhood Abuse
Broken Brain Brilliant Mind
Bongo Is Me
Catatonic Kid
Coming Out of the Trees
Desire to Heal
Gentle Recovery
Global PTSD Healing
Heal and Forgive
I Tell My Truth
Mental Health Talk
Mike’s Musings
PTSD – A Way Out
PTSD Spirituality
Serial Insomniac
Shameless Survivors
Shy & Blue
Splintered One’s Blog
Survivors Can Thrive!
Svasti: A Journal From Assault to Wholeness
Talking About Trauma
The Panic of Peace
The Unfair Fight
Third of a Lifetime
Twenty-Something’s Thoughts of Everything
Welcome To A New World
Writing Thru PTSD
Zebra’s Polka Dots and Plaids

us-army-korea-imcomCombat PTSD Blogs:

Homecoming Vets and the Crossroads of Humanity - A reintegration site for veterans and their families.
Ramblings on Trauma
Desert Spirit (Living with PTSD)
Family of a Vet
Healing Combat Trauma
PTSD A Soldier’s Perspective
PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within
PTSD: Honored with Dishonor
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – From the Inside Out
Operation PTSD
The Life of a PTSD’s Spouse
War 2 Love
Wife of a Wounded Marine

Win Over PTSD
Stuck in the Sand
Veterans Heart Georgia
Veterans Children



Post-Partum PTSD Blogs:

From Heaven to Hell in 30 Minutes
PTSD After Childbirth
Peace out of Pieces
Post Partum Progress
Post-Partum Awareness
To Breathe Again

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(Photos: Sue Richards, US Army Korea – IMCOM, ashleyBee)