How to Manage, Control, and Defuse Anger

Did you actually read that title? Pretty crazy, huh? To think that when we are consumed with anger that there are ways to actually manage it so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others is an incredible thought. Think of all of the situations that can be avoided if we’re given the tools and knowledge to help us or those that we love when an anger episode hits. Or, think of how much more productive and joyful our lives would be if we could avoid living so much of our day feeling angry.

As a caregiver, family member, or professional, we all recognize that anger has varying degrees. From feeling mildly annoyed to frustrated with a situation to full on rage, the degree of anger that an individual feels is dependent on who they are and how they process perceived information or situations. So, it is important to recognize that one person may simply be annoyed by a situation whereas the same situation for another person could produce complete rage. In other words, for us to help those we love, the focus should not be what the situation produces for us but rather what the situation is perceived to be for the person who is experiencing or feeling anger. So, you find yourself in a situation that has produced anger in yourself, a loved one, a client, a patient; what do you do?

Learning how to hold your center when the anger hits – and how to not lash out at everyone near you – means learning solid techniques that put you or your loved one back in control.

On this show I’ll chat with anger expert, Janet Pfeiffer, about:

1 – how to cope with the flood of anger
2 – how to manage behavior when angry
3 – ways to defuse/reduce/eliminate inappropriate anger


Join us on air Wednesday, 3/27, 2pm EST, for a deeper discussion about this topic. Plus, you can call in to win our PROJECT GIVE BACK giveaway!

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