PTSD Healing Thought of the Week: How To Control Your Thoughts

Charles Popplestown said, “You cannot always control your circumstances, but you can control your own thoughts.”thoughts

In PTSD it can often feel as if your thoughts control you. The good news is: you can shift the balance of power!

Begin controlling your thoughts today. When a negative, fearful, anxious thought comes in:

1. imagine you can open a door in your mind

2. shove the thought out

3. slam the door

4. bolt the door

5. make a picture in your mind of something that makes you feel happiness, joy, love, or excitement.

 It is possible to conquer the past and create the future — the first step is choosing to take the journey.

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  1. I’d say meditation, positive affirmations, and surrounding self with positive people are key to recovery and to feeling empowered.

    While affirmation might be viewed as cheezy by some, they are extremely powerful. I call them a bit differently, as I come from an “old school” – I call them “auto-suggestion.”

    I used to be an explossive young man who’d get into fights daily [behavior that was the result of some earlier traumatic experiences] and was clearly heading for a troubled life. At 16 I started drinking and kept drinking for about a year… It was durning one of my major hangovers that I discovered yoga, meditation, and auto-suggestions… and as I was reading, I realized that I needed all that was promissed in that boook: peace, honnesty, health, focus, etc.

    My first auto-suggestion was “I’m calm in every situation – I’m in control of my emotions.” 2O times in the morning; 2O times in the evening – usually speaking it out loud at the end of my 3 to 1O minute meditation sessions… or at times just “reciting” it while laying in bad.
    In about 2 months, I was a completely new person – a person that most friends have difficulty recognizing. I’d hear daily “Common! Blow up! I know you are pissed…!” and I’d stay calm and in control…

    I used affirmations/auto-suggestions throughout the past 2O+ years [I’m 43] – whatever area I want to improve in my life, I condition my brain with auto-suggestions… And stay away from negative people, as I’d stay away from a poisonous snake…

    For the traumatic events that happened to me in my childhood, I have to forgive every day. The memories do not go away. But I am ok. I’m in control of my emotions and I’m in control of my thoughts. And when you control your thoughts, you control your destiny…

  2. I find PTSD hard to control when my anger take over I loose the control. I try the thing happy though and runn of shove a door, what that does to me makes me more depress and more angry, it takes me a whole day to get back in a happy mood.


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