Healing Thought of the Week: A Word About CONTROL

michelebayleebeachAt the height of my PTSD symptoms I became a bit of a control freak. I had to control everything about my life and my experiences down to the very tiniest detail. I also expected other people to conform to my systems, ideas and plans. Other people didn’t like that so much.

Of course, it made complete sense from my point of view. SAFETY. But as PTSD symptoms progress this need to control everything can get more than a little out of control until the need for control becomes…. er… controlling!

Part of healing means learning to live in flow. We cannot control everything about the universe, fate or circumstance. We can, however, control our reactions to events. This is the control we most need to develop. 


It is possible to conquer the past and create the future — the first step is choosing to take the journey.


  1. Boy Michele, that really hit the nail on my head. That is one of the things I have been doing. Not to a great extent but to a degree. Stacking the deck you might say in order to feel safe.. Why should everone conform to my needs all the time. Wow, that was a wake up call. I think I can do it in moderation where it dosn’t put others out. I am really going to work on that. Thanks for that,.

  2. @ Wayne — LOL. I apologize to my mother often for all the times my need for control so negatively impacted her!

  3. That’s something I have to work with – when to take control and newsflash when to relinquish it. Giving up control feels retruamatizing sometimes but oooohhhh so necessary. One little lump at a time.

  4. Michele, You must really love your dog as he is in so many of your pics. I’ll tell you I understand. I have four, two little ones and two big ones. The wonderous things about them is that they don’t care what you look like, talk like or what you say,, they are never judgmental ,they will never leave you and they will love you unconditionally as long as they live. Maybe this is not a typical PTSD reply but a good loving dog can be great therapy.


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